Starting Seeds Indoors

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If you wish to grow your garden from seed, it can be simple and low-cost to start garden seeds indoors for spring planting. Here at The Garden Glove, we utilize several techniques. Take a look at our total how to on beginning seeds inside!

Beginning garden seeds

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Technique # 1– Purchase an affordable dome style seed starter from your regional garden center or warehouse store. These normally cost less than $10, and contain whatever other than the seeds to get you growing, consisting of a humidity dome to keep in heat, and soil or soil less cubes. The only disadvantage to these is that the growing blocks are normally quite little, so if you are going to plant quick growing annuals such as sunflowers, early morning splendors or squash, you may want to wait to simply 2 weeks before last frost. Otherwise, you will need to transplant your seedlings into bigger containers as they outgrow the seed dome.

This technique works very well for growing perennials, since they are slower growing than annuals as a guideline.

Make certain the growing medium is moist, place the seeds at the depth suggested by the package, and put the dome on. You will see moisture condense inside the dome. This is great for starting out, as the heat and wetness is trapped in. However, once seedlings start to appear, you MUST get rid of the dome to avoid “damping off” a fungal illness that will eliminate the seedlings. Add water as necessary to keep the soil moist, but not damp. This seed starting greenhouse is from ‘Burpee’.

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Technique # 2– The second technique is the most economical one. This is where we plant seed into reusable or recycled containers. These containers need to have drain, and have the ability to be moved quickly. Tupperware, egg containers or pots made from recycled paper are several popular ideas. Placed on a tray, such as an old cookie sheet- they make excellent planting flats, if not too extremely attractive. It helps when utilizing this technique to enclose the whole tray in a clear plastic bag until seedlings appear. This does the exact same job as the $10 dome, by keeping in heat and wetness. Picture by ‘Content in a Cottage’.

eggshell planters

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Here is a tutorial from ‘Hobby Space Diaries’ on making paper pots for starting seeds inside your home!

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Method # 3– This is my favored approach for starting seeds inside your home, and one I simply began using two years ago. I got a portable greenhouse. It has several metal racks for seedling flats covered by a poly “camping tent” to keep in heat and wetness. This makes it really easy for me to move the entire set up outdoors for daytime, and the tent keeps the heat in, even when it hovers near freezing outside. I can grow a number of hundred seedlings in this setup. I caution you against leaving it outdoors throughout windy conditions, however. Also remember throughout bright days it can heat up inside the greenhouse quite rapidly, so ensure you bind one side and sometimes keep an eye on the temperatures in your greenhouse. When the weather is warm enough, remove the poly tenting entirely. Here is one from ‘Garden enthusiasts Supply’ similar to mine!

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Once the seedlings are up, they need to have extremely intense, though not direct light. Utilizing a windowsill throughout bad weather is appropriate, however to grow healthy and strong, seedlings must be placed in either synthetic light, or on a safeguarded porch for much of the day. Make sure you bring them in the evening, and do not leave them out on frosty weather.

You can develop a synthetic light system quickly with a low-cost store light from the house improvement shop, and a both a warm and cool 40 watt fluorescent tube. It does not need to be one of the more expensive plant growing tubes. Hang the lights from chains off a scrap 2 × 4 stand. Keep the lights very close to the seedlings, and leave on for at least 12 hours a day.

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Beginning seeds indoors will save you cash and enable you to grow plant varieties in your garden that are special and unusual. It’s easy, so attempt starting your seeds indoors today!


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