Fabulous Fall Container Ideas


The growing session isn’t over just because summertime is winding down … among the best methods to keep your garden area dynamic is to use fall containers. And the majority of you who have actually read TGG some time understand that I like to do things just a little various from the crowd, so our choices here are not the typical pot o’ mums! So with inspiring combinations and plant tips, let’s let the images (ok, and a few tips from us!) do the talking! Fabulous fall container concepts! Feature Image by ‘Master Gardeners’.

Larisa-K / Pixabay

First, some suggestions on fall container ideas …

1. Grasses are great fall plants for pots. Height, texture, movement … and they look terrific all winter season. (Prior to you ask, this one is ‘Pennisetum’ “Fireworks”.).

O12 / Pixabay

2. Kale is another fantastic fall container plant. Pretty! And, it lasts right through frost, and even snow! Look for bigger, vibrant varieties at your nursery. Don’t buy the 4 inch pots from the supermarket nursery area. Huge distinction.

jonathansautter / Pixabay

3. Usage something aside from plants to take you fall outside planters out of the “snooze” zone. An uncommon container, adding pumpkins or squash to the container, using branches or other natural items as “accessories” … This likewise enables you to purchase far less plants by filling space with other things of interest.

4. Do not stop watering/ fertilizing …

5. Load ’em in tight, because they will not have a long, warm season of quick growth to fill out.

Now, on with the motivation!

From ‘BHG’, 3 plants, easy container, easy to replicate fall container concepts!

Pexels / Pixabay

From landscape designer Deborah Silver, and her blog site ‘Dirt Simple’, these two fall containers epitomize making use of yards, kale and unusual containers … Take a look at her blog site, they do incredible work! A bunch of inspiring photos!

rudinei8 / Pixabay

From ‘VSF, New York’, this florist developed basket container is the coolest thing around. Branches, moss and a pumpkin keep company with Kale and Mums … anything but common fall container ideas!

Lucy at ‘Craftberry Bush’ did a fantastic job on her fall front porch! Take a look at her usage of grasses, containers, Kale and pumpkins … Truly professional task!

toodlingstudio / Pixabay

Another simple fall outdoor planter design, by ‘Midwest Living’ …

4240513 / Pixabay

From ‘Canadian Gardening’, this uncommon fall window box has my elect one of a kind! Love the spooky branches!

Myriams-Fotos / Pixabay

Use a “Flower Tower” planter, (or Do It Yourself one from this video by House Depot) to grow Kale! Imaginative!

Schwoaze / Pixabay

This property owner used a tall branch to include height and compound, one licorice plant, and a pumpkin … Love the simpleness, yet such interesting fall container ideas

Lastly, from ‘PocketFull of Posies Design’, these planting usage unusual containers to make this mum and lawns front door fall planter actually wow.

Also from ‘Pocketfull of Posies’, do not forget utilizing other props such as pumpkins, corn stalks and squash make every container a “fall planter”!

We hope you were motivated by Fabulous Fall Container Ideas! We know you will wish to jump right on over to our posts on Fall Yard Care Tricks and Fall Container Wow in 3 Easy Steps!


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