Do It Yourself Vacation Present Plant Tasks

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As a garden enthusiast, I like to get holiday gifts that show my love of, well … gardens! In truth, I do not understand anyone who does not enjoy to get a plant gift throughout the holiday. Instead of be among those people who just get a boring houseplant at the supermarket on the way to the party, (you understand who you are!) this year put some thought into developing some Christmas present plant projects. We have some fantastic concepts for how to take some basic plant material and turn it into a thoughtful, one of a kind present, that keeps giving.

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Have a look at this paperwhite job from ‘Domaphile’. These paperwhites in mason jars would make such adorable person hosting vacation plant gifts!

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Our next job is a simple burlap paperwhite pot from ‘Maya Made’ … So simple, however the burlap pot wrap puts in that extra touch! The cool aspect of Christmas present plants is that you provide even if they are not fully grown. The wrapping and discussion is whatever!

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From the community at ‘House Depot’ find out to make these fantastic mini rosemary topiaries. A quick plant present project, and who would not wish to be elbows deep in rosemary for an afternoon? The presents are just a reward!

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More DIY rosemary topiaries from ‘City Farmhouse’. Rosemary is an ideal Christmas plant gift due to the fact that it has whatever! It’s evergreen, it has needles like Christmas trees, and it has amazing aroma! Oh, and if you run a little brief in the cooking area, simply snip some off for the roast beef!

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From ‘Lolly Jane’, we love these chalk paint DIY succulent pots … You could do these gift plant tasks in white, and wrap with a blue or silver Christmas ribbon.

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If you desire a special present, learn how to make these succulent Christmas trees, just like this one from ‘Canvas and Canopies’ … Here is a step by action video from ‘Urban Dirt’ on making succulent trees.

Daria-Yakovleva / Pixabay

Here is an easy present plant concept … pot up little transplants of fragrant herbs in recycled cans, then cover with broad burlap ribbon in holiday design … From ‘Celebrate Magazine’.

From ‘Gardenista’, another easy method to take a basic plant gift, and gown up the delivery … And you most likely already have all the products!

Lastly, another Christmas plant wrap idea, from ‘Segreto’ …

So provide “green”! Want more details on how to force bulbs for vacation presents? Check out our post on “How to Force Bulbs” and learn about how to require paper whites, amaryllis and even hyacinths!


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