5 Roses– 5 Solutions!

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All of us love our roses, however who would have believed that they can be terrific problem solvers? Choosing the right type of rose for a frustrating situation can make the distinction between success and failure. Here are our leading 5 roses for the top garden problems!

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High Traffic (Thornless or nearly thornless Roses).

When planting roses in a high traffic location, one of your leading issues is safety. Nobody wants to have young kids tumble into a thorny rosebush! Fortunately, there are ranges that have nearly no thorns, and are excellent for household play locations, or next to paths or walkways. Attempt the Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose. This rose is a climber, has long, thornless canes packed with repeat blooming intense pink flowers all summer! I have grown this increased, and discovered it to be simple care and sweet smelling. This is an old increased variety, but still one of the best. Great rose to grow over a deck or arbor. Oh, and it will grow in shade! Hardy zones 5-9.

Thornless increased.

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Shady Areas.

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Roses in the shade? Well, yes and no. No increased will grow in the deep shade, but if the bush can get at least 2 hours of sun, or throughout the day filtered sun, then there are roses that will not only flower, they flourish! We already pointed out Zephirine Drouhin Climbing Rose, above. According to The American Rose Society, you need to remember roses grown in shade, even ones that adapt well to the shade, will not have as big, or as many blooms as a rose grown completely sun. That having been stated, they can still put on a fantastic show! Leading options consist of old roses, such as much of the David Austin ranges, Sophys Rose, L.D. Brathwaite and Christopher Marlowe are great choices. Our fav is a floribunda increased called Our Woman of Guadalupe … a pink rose that flowers abundantly on a smaller sized bush that is disease resistant. Hardy to zone 6, terrific for containers, aromatic and gorgeous at that!

Close Quarters.


Small garden? No problem … Not just is our choice compact, it has other excellent attributes for close quarters … Gorgeous details and fantastic scent! Our top choice for roses for small space is Moondance. A white floribunda increased, the flowers are borne in clusters over an upright plant 2-3 feet high and 2 feet wide. Can be grown in containers, and is sturdy to zone 4. Raspberry fragrance.

Moondance rose.

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Hot and Humid.

Nothing is a bigger blight to roses then humidity … Rose illness such as Black Spot grow in those conditions. And even hot and dry can stop some roses from setting flowers. Attempt Mr. Lincoln for a rose that can stand the heat, and continue flowering! This increased has been an award winner for many years, and is among the most beautiful cut roses. Minor aroma, long stems, enjoys the heat! Zones 5-9.

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Freezing Temps! (And below!).

While most roses go dormant during winter and can make it through cold temps, some are especially matched to more northern environments, and deep freezes. If you live in zone 3 or below, it’s best to speak to you local nursery about winterizing roses, and the best ranges that work in your area. But there are a variety of roses that do well down to zone 4. Our favorite easy care rose is in that category … Pink Knock Out is extremely cold durable, and blossoms all summer season long on shrub like bushes. Great disease resistance, and they do not even need to be deadheaded!

Pink knock out.

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So now matter what your garden issue spots are, there is a rose to fill that area and resolve that problem! And who would not want among these in their garden?


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